Holiday Party Prep!

Holiday parties are fast approaching. Hosting one can bring about feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction in pulling off a successful party while bringing friends and family together to celebrate the season and each other. We want to help you enjoy your festivities to the fullest by giving you some tips and tricks to move things along in the kitchen in record time! 

Do what you can ahead of time!
Some dishes call for prep work, and if you can handle those beginning steps ahead of time, then that leaves an easy finish the day of your big event. Dishes like potato salad, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes and rolling dough can be easily prepped.

Cook in bulk!
Make a big batch of freezable items (pasta sauce, salsa, cookies, chicken stock). 

Make use of all your appliances/tools!
If lacking a mixer and don’t want to beat a bowl of cream by hand, an immersion blender perfectly gets the soft peaks in your homemade whipped cream.

Protect your fingertips while slicing herbs by using a pizza cutter to quickly swipe through to a pile of freshly chopped cilantro, rosemary, scallions, etc. 

This handy chart is a sure-fire guide to reheating/repurposing your leftovers so none of your delicious bites go to waste. 


Dull knife?
Sharpen the edges on the bottom of a ceramic bowl or mug. Faster and more precise chopping, slicing, and dicing! 

Speedily grill meat or chicken!  
By placing a disposable baking tray over the meat or chicken, you’ll create an intense mini-oven on the grill and this will help the meat cook through faster!

Aerate wine in a jiff!
When there’s no time to let wine breathe in a decanter but you still want the developed taste, try pouring your red into a pitcher and then pour it back and forth into a second pitcher 15 times. An even faster method is blending your wine in a blender on high speed for 30 seconds.