Get Creative - Food Stations

Looking for a way to identify your food stations? This bat mitzvah that we recently did with partner Angelic Grove at The Croft Downtown takes the cake for creativity. Projecting our menu items onto the wall is our new favorite way to display our menu AND identify our various food stations. Delectable food + an awesome venue + stunning decor + exciting entertainment is the perfect recipe for an awesome event. 

High-Class Cabo

Setting dinner for 800 is no easy task, but this event went off without a hitch! With the help of Angelic Grove, this outdoor area was transformed - we love the relaxed "Cabo" vibe for this year. 

For the first time ever, our client decided to host their event outside of a hotel ballroom and we were so honored to be the caterer they trusted with their biggest event of the year! 

Strong Beer Festival 2016

We had an absolute blast running concessions for Arizona Beer Week's Strong Beer Festival. Here's a taste of our favorite selections from this year's menu. Try not to drool.